NCCO oxygen polysolution air purification technology

If there is a place in the world that is most demanding of air quality, it must be a hospital.

At the beginning of November 2002, SARS first appeared in Shunde City, Guangdong province China. SARS stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome, respiratory infectious diseases, the main mode of transmission for close droplets or contact with respiratory secretions, the patient developed pneumonia symptoms, so at that time will be classed as atypical pneumonia categories, the mainland media general referred to as “sars”. Subsequently, the disease spread rapidly through tourism, commerce and migration to Hongkong and spread from Hongkong to Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan and Toronto, Canada. In the first few months of 2003, the outbreak of the epidemic in Hongkong was widespread, and the virus spread rapidly because of the densely populated city. As of May 2003, there were 1755 cases of death and 298 deaths. The number of deaths was the highest in the world at that time. He Zhaowei, the chief of the Hongkong medical administration, had not escaped from the disease and was admitted to hospital due to illness. Even if people wear thick mask trips and frequent use of disinfectants can not prevent the spread of the epidemic, the whole port is in a panic.
In order to avoid the exacerbation of the epidemic, the government of Hongkong announced in March 27th that SARS patients were prohibited from visiting.Those who had close contacts with SARS patients should report to the designated department of health clinic within 10 days, implement quarantine declaration measures at all entry control stations, and announce the closure of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens.In April 30th, the Ministry of Health issued an urgent notice that the central air conditioning is strictly prohibited in the prevention and control places of SARS, so as to prevent pathogens from spreading arbitrarily with central air-conditioning.

During the prevention and control of the SARS epidemic, there was an unintentional discovery by the medical team of the government of Hong Kong.More than 40 large and medium-sized hospitals in Hongkong, located in Tuen Mun Hospital in the new territories, receive the largest number of patients, but the proportion of cross infection is the smallest.The reason is that, a few years ago, Tuen Mun Hospital smelt the smell of glutaraldehyde and sent off odors, which affected the daily work of employees, and employees suffered from respiratory diseases.So the hospital immediately installed a suspended NCCO oxygen dissolved air treatment system developed by the air pollution research group of Hong Kong University Science & Technology, which quickly eliminated the odor and volatile organic compounds (TVOC).

The NCCO air purification system, intended to protect the health of the employees, has taken a great effect in the SARS.

The NCCO reaction layer can instantly capture and adsorption family decoration pollution gas, the oxygen generator inside the machine to release oxygen,In NCCO nano environment, catalyzed by a few milliseconds can thoroughly efficient decomposition of formaldehyde and odor, killing harmful bacteria in the air 99%, the decomposition efficiency of ammonia and other harmful gases as high as 92%, volatile organic compounds VOCs was eliminated in 99.03%, the harmful gas is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water purification effect of medical grade.And in the process of treatment, no harmful substances, no ozone residue, never cause two pollution, nor need to replace the filter core, to maximize the saving of consumables.The air purification system at this level is the core of the SARS virus prevention and control:A good breathing environment is one of the keys to prevent the spread of the virus.

To the end of June 2003, the SARS virus has been basically controlled in Hong Kong, more than one thousand people were discharged from the hospital, the Tuen Mun Hospital’s contribution is very large.

The next few years, such as more than 140 years of history of the Ruttonjee hospital, Hongkong charity Renji Hospital, United Christian Hospital, Hongkong Baptist Hospital, many children care hospital of Hongkong star selection of the hospital, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University and two dozens of hospitals from Tuen Mun Hospital successful case and then with Hongkong RHT to achieve cooperation,According to the square number and functional layout of different hospitals, the company builds the most suitable installation plan for each hospital.The NCCO air purification system has been installed using the reputation in the hospital is very good, get unanimous praise.


At present, RHT improves the super efficient and large area air purification system formerly used for Industry and medical treatment, and designs b-MOLA air purifier for family and office environment.

In addition to having the same advantages of all industrial and medical models, the household model has a fashionable and simple appearance, which can perfectly integrate with any style decoration and has been strong landing on the mainland market.

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